Baileys Harbor Broadband Project Workshop Series

Bertram Communications
2590 Triax Parkway

Bertram Communications has been dedicated to providing internet to rural communities since 2003. We now provide internet to small towns and rural communities covering four states. Bertram Communications takes pride in providing internet service to those communities. This past year Bertram Communications purchased Door County Broadband. Our goal is to upgrade and continue building the current network into new areas by delivering high-speed internet in and around the Door County area. We have improved the existing infrastructure while increasing the speeds we offer to our customers. We have also begun a buried fiber project, a massive investment into Door County’s vital infrastructure.

Over the years, Bertram Communications has added companies to its portfolio, such as PowerCode. PowerCode is an all-in-one software specifically made for internet service providers and is utilized by companies globally. This allows us to manage our customers and their networks. Bertram also owns and operates Trango Networks. We use the Trango hardware to run our wireless and fiber networks, and numerous other companies use our Trango equipment for their networks. Our Trango equipment can be found at NASA, Grand Canyon, Alaska (Ice Road Truckers), and thousands of other locations globally.