baileys harbor community association

Biking Routes

Take Cty Q out to see Cana Island Lighthouse. It’s about 7 miles to the lighthouse on a scenic road lined with forests and water views. If you want a longer ride, keep heading north on Cty Q until it meets back up with Hwy 57 just south of Sister Bay or keep going to get to the heart of Ephraim.

Heading west out of town taking Cty F/EE will get you to either Fish Creek or Egg Harbor depending on which way you take once they split a mile west of Downtown. Cty F will take you to Fish Creek and Cty EE will take you to Hwy 42 just north of Egg Harbor.

Hwy 57 and Hwy 42 have relatively heavy traffic, especially in the summer so we would recommend that you try your best to stay off them.

Cty A runs north and south from Jacksonport to the entrance to Peninsula State Park between Ephraim and Fish Creek and provides a direct route with less traffic than the highways.