Harbor Angler Report, June 7, 2022

Determining where to fish in Door County can be a puzzle. Anglers have a lot of choices of venues and multiple factors to consider.  First, which species to target? The choice of tackle and location will differ greatly if you want a meal of perch as opposed to venturing to boat a King salmon. Weather is […]

Harbor Angler Report, May 27, 2022

Denizens of a tourism community like Door County understand the meaning of the term “shoulder season”. It is those periods on the calendar that lie between the peak tourist season (aka summer) and the off-season, the dead of winter. In Baileys Harbor that is generally considered to be October and November as well as March […]

Harbor Angler Report, April 26, 2022

My relationship with the Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) is long and convoluted. It began when, as a schoolboy in Oconto County, I would crawl along the muddy banks of tiny rivulets of Hines Creek or the outlet stream from Anderson Lake. I was in quest of not brown trout, but brook trout. At the time, […]


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